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Tui Na Massage In Winter Park FL

Tui Na is an ancient form of bodywork rooted in Oriental traditions, boasting a history that extends over two millennia in China. It applies the same diagnostic and therapeutic principles as acupuncture, grounded in the traditional Chinese medicinal belief in the circulation of Qi, or life force, along the body’s meridians.

The name “Tui Na” translates to “pushing” and “grasping”, referring to two core techniques employed in this therapeutic practice. In a typical Tui Na session, various techniques are implemented to stimulate the meridians and specific points along them, thereby restoring and harmonizing the balance of Qi. This process is intended to facilitate natural self-healing within the body.

Tui Na encompasses a range of methodologies, including manual techniques that massage the body’s soft tissue – muscles and tendons, acupressure techniques that directly influence the flow of Qi, and manipulation techniques intended to realign the muscles and ligaments. Consequently, undergoing a Tui Na session might feel akin to experiencing a blend of physiotherapy, shiatsu, and acupressure treatments, offering a unique therapeutic experience.

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