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How Can Acupuncture Help Athletes?

Reasons Acupuncture Can Help Athletes

Many athletes in the Maitland, Winter Park and the Greater Orlando area have never sought out acupuncture therapy. However, that population is quickly turning around as a greater number of athletes, now more than ever, turn to Chinese acupuncture for pain management, natural energy techniques, and to improve overall health.

If you’re an amateur, semi-pro, or professional athlete, a few acupuncture sessions may be just what you need to help you get over an injury and restore proper and wellness. Here are three of the main reasons why acupuncture is becoming so popular with the physically fit crowd:

Acupuncture Pushes Pain Out of the Body

According to Chinese medicinal theories, which Jignesh Panchal has studied thoroughly, there are good and bad energies in the body. These energies are constantly at battle with one another (yin and yang). Acupuncture therapy is able to release these negative energies (which are experienced as pain) from the body.

This treatment is especially important for athletes, who need their bodies to be in premium condition. If you continue to suffer from a sports injury, you should consider acupuncture treatment immediately. Don’t wait until the off-season!

Acupuncture Provides Bursts of Energy

Not only does acupuncture therapy help eliminate pain, but it also helps provide bursts of positive energy. By getting rid of negative energy, Jignesh is able to give athletes a burst of energy through his acupuncture and alternative treatment modalities. Unlike the illegal (not to mention unhealthy and dangerous) practice of using steroids, the use of Chinese acupuncture is completely legal and healthy!

Acupuncture Focuses on Overall Health

Lastly, many sports medicine professionals agree that the benefits of acupuncture for athletes go far past pain reduction and energy boosts. Acupuncture, when used in conjunction with other forms of holistic treatment, can help improve overall wellbeing and restore vibrant health!

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